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How do I sell my gold, silver or platinum jewelry?

Please visit one of our many convenient locations and We Buy Gold will evaluate your items and pay you on the spot. We are one of the largest and most trusted precious metals buyers in Kansas City.

If you’re unable to make it into one of our locations, we also offer a convenient alternative. Just fill out our easy online form or call us at 913-888-GOLD (4653) to request a Gold Pak. It’s safe, secure and 100% confidential. We’ll even insure it free of charge, up to $100!

What types of items do you buy?

We buy anything and everything that contains pure gold, silver, or platinum. We will buy your unwanted jewelry and scrap jewelry, gold coins, rings, bracelets, charms, necklaces, watches, bangles, dental gold, silver coins, sterling silver silverware, platters, flatware sets and more. If you’re looking to get TOP DOLLAR for your gold, silver, or platinum We Buy Gold is buying TODAY!

How do I know if my items are real gold, silver, or platinum?

We determine the purity of each piece of gold by going through a 3-Step process. We will test whether or not each piece is magnetic, has a proper hallmark stamp, and finally we will file into each piece and test with a solution. After performing these 3 steps, we will be able to determine whether or not your piece is real and the karatage of each piece. Remember, just because your gold looks real and has a stamp, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s authentic. If you have any questions and would like us to determine the authenticity of your items, simply bring them into one of our stores and one of our qualified professional precious metals specialists will assess them. We offer FREE appraisals and there’s no obligation to sell. Please note that your items will be damaged in the testing process.

How much will I get paid? How soon?

We pay you on the spot. When you come into one of our stores to sell your unwanted valuables, you will get paid immediately. We pay with company check and the amount paid is based on the karat and weight of each piece as well as the current market price of the precious metals.

Shouldn’t I be able to sell my items for what I paid for them?

It just depends, in some cases you will get more and sometimes less. We purchase items for the purpose of melting and refining the precious metals so we do not pay for craftsmanship or colored stones. Design and sheer beauty do not factor into pricing since we are not a retailer and do not resell items to the public. Jewelry retailers have enormous mark ups due to the numerous resources it takes to create and sell one piece of fine jewelry. But rest assure, We Buy Gold is willing to pay TOP DOLLAR for your unwanted jewelry!

Why can’t I sell my items for the amount that my appraisal says they’re worth?

The answer to this question depends on whether or not the company or individual who gave your appraisal valued it at the retail store price or the wholesale value. Therefore, an appraisal value is often times misleading when attempting to sell your gold jewelry. Generally an appraisal is the current value of what someone is prepared to pay for a specific piece. For example, what is the value of a classic 1955 Chevy? Is the value the same as the original cost of the metal or is it determined by the amount that someone will pay for it today? The answers to these questions would depend on who is the buyer and who is the seller. Our appraisals are our estimates of the approximate wholesale value of each piece of jewelry. Therefore, an appraisal of a piece of fine jewelry is not a jewelry store’s retail price, but instead it’s the approximate wholesale value based on the assessments from our precious metal specialists.

Will you guys buy the stones in my jewelry?

Unfortunately we do not purchase colored gem stones, however we do purchase larger diamonds. To accommodate the fact that we do not buy gem stones, we offer FREE stone removal as a service to our customers.

If I choose to send my gold jewelry by mail, how do I know that my package will arrive safely?

Our padded bubble envelopes are made with a thick, nearly-indestructible bubble netting which won’t rip or tear easily, protecting the valuable contents inside. Because we ship with the United States Post Office, you can rest assure that your gold jewelry will be safe and protected during the shipping process.

How do I host a Gold Party or Fundraiser?

It’s easy! Just call or email us at and we’ll get you started. Hosting a gold party is fun and a great way to hang out with your friends & family while making some fast cash. As a host, you can earn UP TO $500.00 OR MORE! Call now for details 913-888-4653.

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We Buy Gold 110% guarantees YOU the most money for your gold, silver, and platinum jewelry in the greater Kansas City area. If you receive a higher, itemized valid written offer for the exact same jewelry items from one of our established competitors (who currently operates a retail store location in the greater Kansas City area and whose primary business is buying gold, silver, and platinum for its melt value), and we can’t beat it, we will match that offer PLUS pay you an additional 10% MORE of the other offer! See stores for more details.